I am passionate and committed to my lifelong goal of providing the support, training, and expertise that my clients need to meet their fitness goals.

I offer personal training and small, boutique fitness classes designed to provide you with the exercise that you need to meet your personal exercise needs.

Born & Raised

I'm originally a city girl from (mostly) Portland, Maine, and after moving to the Midcoast area quickly realized that small town life was for me and my adventurous nature. The Americorps National Volunteer program is what brought me here—the amazing location and beautiful souls that make this community is what kept me here. While in Americorps I helped develop a mentoring program, and found that working with others to help them reach their goals was a direction I wanted to continue.

Walk the Walk

I am certainly someone who has had a fair share of experiences. Growing up in the state of Maine's foster care system I have witnessed struggle and perseverance. And it wasn't without support that I have managed to become who I am today. One of my favorite moments to witness is when someone achieves what they thought they could not. Confidence adds a sparkle to the eye, I promise.

While I am now proud to be in a healthy place where I eat (mostly) well and exercise regularly—that was not always the case. People are amazed when I share with them younger pictures of myself. At an unhealthy weight, I was in need of change to my lifestyle and attitude. 

It wasn't easy but, as you can see today, with a lot of hard work I am proud to be where I am now. The process has given me a unique perspective on the challenges of meeting your health and weight loss goals.


I am very passionate about health and fitness. And after having children of my own, I struggled to find the balance between parenting, work, and health. But with determination, commitment and support from my friends, family, and good trainers, I was finally able to achieve that balance. My goal is to help others gain confidence—that sparkle in their eye when they made their impossible possible.

If you have a fitness goal, I'm ready to help.  GET FIT NOW

Life changing month! Brystle’s classes were just the challenge I needed to change my body and my attitude. Fun workouts and great people to keep you motivated.
— Sarah Milstead Post (Bootcamper)