The Mindful Eating Challenge - happening now!

Ever heard of mindful eating? We are looking for some people who are interested in trying a fun challenge/experiment related to food, mindfulness, and weight loss to join our group. There is no cost for this and should take 8-10 weeks with the option to leave the group at any time. We are simply interested in trying out a new approach to eating and sharing with one another our experience.

Mindful eating has many benefits including reduced stress, better eating choices, and weight loss. This is NOT a diet. Mindful eating is different than a diet. Many experience diets as temporary efforts that do not lead to permanent change. This challenge will be about encouraging awareness, which in turn will lead to creating healthier cells in the body, reducing everyday stress, and lead to healthy weight loss or maintenance.

Wanna try it out?

Step 1: Reply to this message with, "I'm in!" Read the following article, which gives a great overview of what mindful eating is and the benefits you can expect to see.
Step 2: Each week I'll offer a new way to integrate mindful eating into your daily life.
Step 3: Share your experience (optional) from that week in the form of a post, picture, question, etc. with our private group.
Join the Mindful Mission by clicking here!